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The Fakefluencer is the first feature length film from Bitjoin Studios.

The Fakefluencer is a mockumentary film that follows Tom Gillespie on his investigation into the cryptocurrency Scootercoin and its artistic creator; crypto-influencer Bitman 360.

Who will you support? Tom Gillespie the Investor? or Bitman 360 the Wantrepreneur?

About Bitjoin Studios

Established 2014 Bitjoin Studios is a small distributed indie production company focused on telling crypto-economy stories.

We are focused on telling stories from the crypto-economy that resonate with audiences beyond the shitcoin pumping memes and self congratulatory crypto Twitterati.


We are a group of crypto-natives and crypto-curious tired with the current growth practices of crypto projects. With an over-emphasis on getting rich quick and peddling “pumpamentals” for profit, we see that the crypto-economy has lost its way. We choose to prioritise communicating your core values and the utility of your product, having over ten years with skin in the game, we have seen it all and we know we can do better.

Adriana Silva

Marketing Director / Business Development - Evolving social business to advance meaningful strategic alliances.

Mikael Peltola

Director of Photography / Assistant Editor - Creating the picture from capture to cut, an athletic observer always on point.

Rich Tella

Director / Producer - Spinner of tall tales, I find broad smiles at the crossroads between Science and Art. 

Linus Dunkers

Blockchain aficionado - IT specialist, innovator and problem solver.

Dan Thomas

Decentralised Tech Specialist - Certified Blockchain Solution Architect | Consultant | Speaker | Writer | #TheWetwareIA



Filmed between 2014 & 2017 Founded is a short documentary focused on six Swedish founders building companies in the Blockchain space.


A true story film inspired by a man that invented a machine that took him and many others on an unforgettable journey into the capitalist system.


The central bank of Sweden works to find a suitable and beneficial application of blockchain technology for the central bank and for the people of Sweden.

Check out our back catalogue

We’ve been interviewing in the crypto space since 2014. With focus on the people building blockchain companies we pride ourselves on telling human stories that resonate with no-coiners. Check out our back catalogue here.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Three part interview with Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Money, Politics and Business. 

Scrypt Mining in Sweden.

Two years after our first interview we sat down with Linus Dunkers for part one of a five part series. We take you inside a Swedish cryptocurrency mining facility, deep inside a disused military bunker.

Making an Influencer

In October 2019 we started developing an online crypto-influencer character called BitMan360. This project served as the catalyst for The Fakefluencer film project currently in production. 

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Bitjoin Studios is a distributed indie production company utilising the medium of film to tell crypto-economy stories through the eyes of its creators. We've been documenting the rise of the crypto-economy and blockchain technology since 2014.

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