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We focus on strange but true stories from the crypto economy.

At Bitjoin Studios we combine Media Production, Alternate Reality Game Design and Blockchain Integration, to bring you way way down a crypto projects rabbit hole.

The Fakefluencer

An Experimental Crypto Mockumentary

In our first feature length film tiled The Fakefluencer we combined elements of Virtual Reality, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, ARGs and Film Production to create an immersive ever-evolving narrative online.

During all stages of production our main characters were interacting with the primary narratives present in the crypto community online, namely the “crypto scamdemic.”

While we chose to use humour and satire to speak to a broader audience, this led to those people watching the film for the first time, believing that the characters were real people from the crypto community.

What did Tom Gillespie learn ?

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We recently ran a vote online for which crypto project our investigator Tom Gillespie should look into next.

The project known as HEX who’s followers call themselves Hexicans won by a landslide.

We are now in pre-production planning of the documentary - Hexicans And The Time Value Of Money. (A working title)

While Tom Gillespie’s previous film was fictional, we intend for this production to be entirely non-fiction with only Tom Gillespie himself being a fictional character.

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Bitjoin Studios is a distributed indie production company utilising mixed media to tell crypto-economy stories through the eyes of its followers.

We've been documenting the rise of the crypto-economy and blockchain technology since 2014.

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